Climbers For Peace


Climbers for Peace I occurred in 1997 when participants from Ukraine, Russia and the United States met to attempt a climb of Mt. Elbrus, the highest mountain of continental Europe at 18,513 ft./ 5,642m. It is located in the Caucasus Range of southern Russian within the Republic of Kabardino Balkaria. Many of the Ukrainians reached the peak along with Steve Knaze and Harrison Hood. Following the expedition the Americans flew to Ukraine and were hosted in Kiev and Santa Rosa's sister city Cherkassy. Some later flew to St. Petersburg, Russia for further adventures there.

American participants included: Fred Ptucha, Steve Knaze, Bob Guglielmino, Harrison Hood, Laura Ptucha, Marita Torbik, Greg and Scott Paul, John Mazura, Kurt Klavuen, Craig from Marin County.

Ukrainian participants included: Viktor Gryshchenko, Grygorii Chub, Elya Gryshchenko, Mstyslav Gorbenko, Yurii Grygorenko, Vasyl Boyko, Liliia Samsonova, Pavel Slavinskii, Anatolii Brynza, Oleksandr Zaydler, Larysa Gerasymova, Leonid Unich, Tamara Kholina, Nina Paranko, Oleg Fesenko, Ivan and Sergey Moroz.

Russian participants included: Marina Kalinin Kopinec and Mikhail Kalinin.