Climbers For Peace


Itinerary for CFP X 2015 Switzerland and Austria
Day 1. (20.08) Arrive Munich. Meeting of the participants.
Day 2. (21.08) Munich city tour.
Day 3. (22.08) Transfer to Adelboden mountain village, stop to see Rein waterfall, stop in Zurich, short sightseeing walk.
Day 4. (23.08) Adelboden. Trek in the Alps.
Day 5. (24.08) Adelboden. Walking in the Interlaken valley of waterfalls, then transfer along Thunersee lake and visit to the Oberhofen castle.
Day 6. (25.08) Adelboden. Sightseeing tour to Bern, UNESCO town.
Day 7. (26.08) Adelboden. Visit to Grindenwald village, the sight of very beautiful mountains Aiger and Ungfray, walking and climbing.
Day 8. (27.08) Adelboden. Visit to Lucerne and Mt. Pilates by the old mountain railroad.
Day 9. (28.08) Adelboden. Early morning departure to Geneva Riviera, whole day tour of Montreux, Lausanne, Geneva.
Day 10. (29.08) Adelboden. Tour of Zermatt, walking and climbing.
Day 11. (30.08) Adelboden. Departure and the whole day traveling to Pruggern mountain village in Austria.
Day 12. (31.08) Pruggern. Canyon trek.
Day 13. (01.09) Pruggern. Sightseeing tour to Salzburg.
Day 14. (02.09) Pruggern. Visit to the Duchstein glacier, walking and climbing.
Day 15. (03.09) Pruggern. Relax in Budgofstein termal springs. Farewell party.
Day 16. (04.09) Pruggern. Departure to Munich airport, then bus goes to Ukraine