Climbers For Peace


Climbers for Peace VI occurred in 2007 when participants from the USA and Ukraine, along with new members from Austria, Spain, Sweden and Germany, joined together in an attempt to climb Mt. Elbrus the tallest mountain in Europe. Over 10 years had passed since their 1st expedition. Arriving in Mineraly Vodi we had transport to Adil Su valley where we camped at Uchag Priut near Mt. Djan Tugan. We had 4 or 5 acclimatization hikes to various beautiful regions on the mountain and on summit day all participants from Austria, Spain, Ukraine, Sweden and Germany reached the summit along with American Max Dombroski and Ukrainian guide Valeri Proskura. Touring the region we visited the oldest parts of Kabarbardino-Balkaria near the Georgian border. For a list of participating members from Austria, Spain, Sweden and Germany see the Expeditions, Past Expeditions part of this website.

American participants included: Fred Ptucha, his son Alexander and wife Jeanette, Steve Knaze, Craig Meltzner, Carol Price, Bob Guglielmino, Duane DeWitt, Larry Fahy, Reese Stern, Jillian Metz, Jesse Kinsell, Max Dombroski.

Ukrainian participants included: Leonid Unich, Leonid & Reisa Kravchuck, Tamara Kholina, Artem Braginets, Olya Tharenko, Evgeny Shulov, Oleg Fesenko, Sergey Ogroduk, Alexander Zaidler, Anatoliy Brynza, Valeri Proskura, Igor Sinitsyn and Lyudmyla Melnyk.