Climbers For Peace


Climbers for Peace II occurred in 1998 when 16 Ukrainian participants came to the United States. During their month long visit, members successfully summited Mt. Shasta in northern California. After the Shasta climb Harrison Hood and Kaley Erickson traveled for a week with nine of the Ukrainians. They climbed at Smith Rocks in Oregon and then went on to Mt. Rainier in Washington where Viktor Gryshchenko, Elya Gryshchenko, Mstyslav Gorbenko, Leonid Unich, Harrison Hood and Kaley Erickson summited. During this time Grygorii Chub and Gryshchenko traveled to Alaska for an attempt on Mt. McKinley (Denali). Both summitted and Yuri Grygorenko at age 64 became the 12th oldest man to summit Denali. The Ukrainians then went on to travel throughout Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah and Nevada before returning to the Lake Tahoe area where the entire group got together for a farewell gathering. While in California the Ukrainians were hosted in many American homes and had many other adventures that included canoeing on the Russian River, white water rafting on the American River, excursions to San Francisco and visiting the local wineries for wine tasting.

American participants included: Fred Ptucha, Steve Knaze, Bob Guglielmino, Harrison Hood, Laura Ptucha, Eric Skoog, Kaley Erickson, Kevin Powers, Carol Price, Jack Langlois and Gabe Schater.

Ukrainian participants included: Viktor Gryshchenko, Grygorii Chub, Elya Gryshchenko, Mstyslav Gorbenko, Yurii Grygorenko, Vasyl Boyko, Liliia Samsonova, Pavel Slavinskii, Anatolii Brynza, Oleksandr Zaydler, Larysa Gerasymova, Leonid Unich, Tamara Kholina and Nina Paranko.