Climbers For Peace


Climbers for Peace V occurred in 2004 when 8 Americans and 7 Ukrainians joined forces in Greece to climb Mt. Olympus 8,715 ft. /2,905m. where all participants climbed to Stefani peak, the summit. Greece was picked as CFP wanted to be there to bring their demonstration of goodwill and peace in time for the 2004 Olympic Games. We were hosted by the Greek Federation of Mountaineering. Georg Kavallieratos, former President of the Greek Youth Commission of Mountaineering. Touring the country we had sight-seeing in Meteor, Thessaloniki, Delphi, the Greek Islands and Athens. Peace Poles were planted in Litihoro, a small village under Mt. Olympus and on the sea shore near Athens. This expedition received endorsements from US Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey and Congressmen Mike Thompson and Frank Riggs. Georg Brindisi was our guide on Olympus.

American participants included: Fred Ptucha, Bob Guglielmino and his daughter Katie, Craig Meltzner, Shivan Brady, Kaley Erickson and his son Nikolai and Nikolai's girlfriend Vicki Ebey.

Ukrainian participants included: Alexander Zaidler and his daughter Tatiana, Tamara Kholina, Artem Braginets, Olya Tharenko, Lyudmyla Melnyk and Igor Sinitsyn.