Climbers For Peace

Fred Feodorovitch Ptucha
I am one of the original founders of CFP and have participated in all 6 CFP adventures. I have 3 daughters and one son. My oldest daughter, Laura, participated in CFP 1 and 2. My daughter Lindsey participated in CFP 3. My son Alex and my wife Jeannette were part of CFP 6. I was a co-founder and current president of the Sister Cities programs between Cherkassy, Ukraine and Santa Rosa, California. Also, I am a past president and current member of Veterans for Peace, Chapter 71. I work as a financial advisor helping companies and individuals invest their money in a socially responsible way that is consistent with their ethical and moral values. The people-to-people relationships developed over the last 10 years of CFP adventures are wonderful. They feed my soul and give me hope for the future, especially in difficult times.